International Music Jams

Third Monday of the month

Musicians and singers are welcome to join the International Folk Sounds to play music from around the world. Bring your instrument and/or voice and a music stand. Music will be provided. If you wish to bring something, bring enough copies to share.

The jam meets 8 to 9:30 pm at the Sue Anderson's (Upper Merion Township took back our previous location):

to Sue Anderson, 655 Crestwood Road, Wayne, PA


From the Schuylkill Expressway (going West from Phila.): Get off at the Gulph Mills Exit #330. Turn left on Balagomingo Rd. at the stop sign at end of the long exit ramp. Turn right at the bottom of the hill where Balagomingo Road dead ends. Go up the hill following signs for 76W. The road bears left (320 goes off to the right), passes beside a trolly station on the left, Trinity Church on the right. Bear left to cross over the trolly tracks. At the stop sign turn right on South Gulph where there is a traffic light at Gypsy Lane. Turn left onto Gypsy Lane. Go about a block, crossing over the Schuylkill Expressway. Turn right at the stop sign onto Hughes Road. Go approximately 1mile to the stop sign at Weadley Road. Continue straight ahead -- the road changes its name from Hughes to Forest. Go one block. Turn left on Brookwood. Go 1 block. Turn right on Crestwood Road. 655 is on the left after the bulge in the road. Park on the street!

Admission: $1, and snacks are provided (but you can bring something to share if you wish). For information: email Sue Anderson or call her at (610) 688-3284.

Be sure to check out the official International Music Jam web page to have the latest information.

That's the formal data. Now, here is what you really want to know:

Once a month, International Folk Sounds (Sue, Carol, Connie, Darryl, Bob, Bill) give up their usual Monday practice night to form the basis for the jam. Participants who come range from relative beginners to very advanced musicians. There are often as many as 15 or 20 musicians seated in a circle. It's really a friendly group and you don't have to be a hot shot. It does help to be able to read music. All of the music has chords, so chord instruments like the guitars can play rhythm. Nearly all of the music has Bb versions, so bring that clarinet.

A tune booklet is provided in alpha order to make tunes easy to find. Every so often a couple of new things are added to the repertoire, and  some of the musicians occasionally bring music. We go around the room and say our names so that we can remember who we are :-). Sue usually asks somebody to pick something that they would like to play from the list, and then we go around the room with the next person in the circle suggesting the next piece. (It's ok to pass if you don't have something you want to suggest).

If you are strong and you know the music, play out! If you are still trying to gain confidence or just get acquainted with the repertoire, hold back if it feels better to you that way. Nobody is concentrating on you or judging you; we are all just trying to get through without too many clunkers of our own to pay that much attention. The result, however, is usually pretty respectable sounding.

Beaver Folk Dancing at Or Hadash occasionally has an open orchestra night; the International Music Jam is a great place to prep because all of the open orchestra music is taken from the jam list. You can see the jam list and download printable music and midi files with a simple click right... Here!

The official website for the International Jam is at

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