International Jam Tune List

Below is the list of tunes currently on the jam list for the monthly international jam. Music is made available for musicians to use while at the jam, with versions in C and Bb, so definitely bring that clarinet along. (We no longer post these tunes in a publicly available web page.)

In addition, the same music is made available via a private web page which is exclusively for the use of people who come to the jam. When you come, ask us for the web address. Then you can print out your favorites to practice at home, or to make up your own jam notebook to bring with you each time.

1.  Requests for the address will only be honored for musicians who actually come to the jam and play. Those given the address agree not to share it with others, not to print copies of the music for others, and not to create links to it from other web pages.

Currently the tunes all exist as separate files; our plan is also to post a pdf binder that contains all the tunes so that jam musicians can get everything in one convenient download.

If you have any questions or constructive suggestions about this, please contact We look forward to seeing you at the next jam.

Jam tunes currently available in sheet music form
(for participants only) are:

Title Nationality/
Ada's Kujawiak #1 Polish
Ajde Jano Serbian
Alexandrovsky Russian
Alunelul Romanian
An Dro Medley - melody only Breton
An Dro Medley - with harmony Breton
At Va'ani Israeli
Bavno Oro Macedonian
Bayrischer Bauer German
Bessarabian Hora No. 14 Klezmer
Beth Cohen's Klezmer
Biserka Serbian
Biserka (guitar chords capo 3) Serbian
Bizet's Canon Novelty
Bufčansko Macedonian
Carnavalito Bolivian
Crnogorka Macedonian
Crnogorka (Izvorno) Macedonian
Delčevsko Macedonian
Der Heyser Bulgar Klezmer
Devojče Devojče Macedonian
D'Hammerschmied Geselln German
Dospatsko Horo Bulgarian
Doudlebska Polka Czechoslovakian
Eisenkeilnest German
Electric Storm Shuffle American
Erev Shel Shoshanim Israeli
Expectation (See Ozidanie) Klezmer
Fatiše Kolo Serbian
Frailach No. 5 Klezmer
Gankino Horo Bulgarian
Gas Nign Klezmer
Hambo efter Ivam Damgrd Swedish
Hasapikos Greek
Hava Nagila Israeli
Hine Ma Tov Israeli
Hora ca la Caval Romanian
Hora de la Munte Romanian
Horehronsky Czardas Slovak
Idam ne Idam Bulgarian
İşte Hendek Turkish
Ivanica Macedonian
Joc Batrinesc de la Niculetel Romanian
Jovano Jovanke (ver. A--see notes) Macedonian
Jovano Jovanke (ver. B--see notes) Macedonian
Jove Male Mome Macedonian
Karagouna Greek
Karamfil Bulgarian
Kopačka Macedonian
Korobuška Russian
Kortanc Hungarian
Krakowiak Polish
Lech Lamidbar Israeli
Legnala Dana Macedonian
Leit, Leit, Leitl German
Lerikos Greek
Lerikos (guitar chords capo 3) Greek
Maggot for Mr. Purcell English
Ma Navu Israeli
Manx Waltzes Scottish
Mazurka des escholiers de St.-Gent French
Metsakukkia Finnish
Misirlou Greek
Moja Diridika Croatian
Moj Dragane Croatian
Music for a Found Harmonium American
Narodno Oro Macedonian
Narodno Oro (Izvorno) Macedonian
Neda Voda Macedonian
Nestinarsko Bulgarian
Never on Sunday Greek
Niška Banja Serbian
Ooska Gookas Armenian
Ot Azoi Klezmer
Ozidanie (Expectation) - One page Klezmer
Ozidanie (Expectation) - Two pages Klezmer
Plovdivska Ručenica Bulgarian
Polka/Gait Parisienne Offenbach
Postie's Jig Scottish
Raca Serbian
Ratevka Macedonian
Ride French
Rumelaj Romani
Rustemul Romanian
Sadi Moma Bulgarian
Salty Dog Rag American
Sar e Roma Romani
Schottishe Kom til mig om Kvalen Swedish
Seljančica Kolo Serbian
Šestorka Serbian
Šetnja Serbian
Sheebeg and Sheemore Irish
Shottis fran Idre Swedish
Singing Pravo Bulgarian
Skudrinka Macedonian
Slavej Mi Peje Macedonian
Što Mi E Milo Macedonian
Sussex Waltz British
Svekrvino Macedonian
Tino Mori Macedonian
Trava Trava Greek
Trite Puti Bulgarian
Troika Russian
Tzadik Katamar Israeli
Valse Mary Breton
Valse de Pastouriaux (see notes)   Breton
Valse Savoyarde [Tyrolean] French
Valsounette, La French
Ve David Israeli
Vranjanka (Šano Duso) Serbian
Zemer Atik Israeli
Zol Zayn Gelebt Klezmer