Great Folk Dance and Related Web Sites To Visit...

bulletTom Bozigian of Los Angeles, California, is an internationally recognized dance instructor and a perennial favorite among recreational folk dancers. He is a graduate of the Armenian State Choreographic Academy, among many, many other accomplishments. Check out his website to see his many activities including classes, workshops, and his tour schedule, not to mention great photos, videos, and an on-line store.
bulletMainewoods Dance Camp is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote International Understanding Through Dance. The folk dance camp runs during the summer, offering week-long sessions and a long Labor Day weekend. A wonderful experience. We've been there many times. Sue, Carol and Bill were there to provide music and music coaching for the participants. Click here to see the Mainewoods Facebook page, with great photo album
bulletSusquehanna International Folk Dancers
bulletArden Folk Dance Gild In easy reach of Philadelphia, Arden has a wonderfully varied program including folk, contra and squares. Many leaders rotate, lots of special events and classes, too, and absolutely the most charming location around.
bulletThe Annual Heritage Dance Festival is a weekend event held in September at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School, a wonderful blend participatory dancing, performances, musician's jams, and all sorts of related things. Dancing runs from contra to English to Scandinavian to Balkan to.... Good food vendors too. In the Philadelphia area, this is a must. Check the web site for details: the cast, lodgings, cost, the program, etc. 
bullet"The Folk Dance Council of the Delaware Valley's Seven Day Guide to Folk and Traditional Dancing In and Around Philadelphia."
bulletYves Moreau and Franoise Bourque's home page has everything from their bios to their travel schedule. Find out about their great audio and video tapes.
bulletCliff Rainey's Dance Links "If you dance, travel at times, and use computers, this is the place for you!"
bulletNEFFA The New England Folk Festival Association Home Page.
bulletUF Folk Dancers UF International Folk Dancers has been around for over 25 years and enjoys a solid membership base. And yet we are very open to new members of all backgrounds...
bulletThe Wholesale Klezmer Band
bulletMoving to Music is primarily devoted to swing, country-western, salsa/Latin, social ballroom and wedding preparations, but there is also a wide ranging list of groups including international listed under regular events.