Some pix from the Open Orchestra
on June 25, 2003

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Leader Sue Anderson (right) arrives with equipment, helped by Carol Wadlinger


Dancers Barbara Brivick and Sue Karchner chat while the orchestra is getting tuned up.

The group plays a Macedonian dance tune.

Ken Ulansey (between Carol Sandler and Dorothy Goda) dropped by for a change of musical pace.


Sue Anderson wails on the gaida (Balkan single-drone bagpipe) while John Matulis (background) listens.


Dorothy and Elaine take a breather between dances.

Carol and Carol (Carpenter and Wadlinger) harmonize a line.

Myra beats out rhythm in 11/16 on the tupan.


(Left to right) Sue Anderson, leading. Myra, Dorothy, Carol Carpenter (partially hidden); Carol Wadlinger, Name-not-known (tie-dye shirt), Connie Martorano, Carol Sandler, Ken Ulansey, Dorothy Goda (fiddle), Daryl Kezell (accordion), Bill Wadlinger